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We Create and Preserve Investor Wealth Through Alternative Investments that Offer Consistent Returns, Tax Benefits, and Hedges Against Inflation.


Smarter Investments

We’re passionate about sourcing and vetting key investments for smart investors. We deliver fully managed, private investments that meet the goals of our investors. During challenging times, investors seek less volatile investments to preserve capital, provide key tax benefits and provide passive income. By providing access to the private capital markets, Incrementum Equity can share exclusive access to investments that meet those objectives.


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Our Core Values

Transparency & Accessible

Are you frustrated because of the loss of transparency in Wall Street firms? Has this become the standard rather than the exception? We believe the only way to have lasting success is to offer full transparency while being totally accessible to you. As an investor, you will receive a monthly report from our fund managers along with a detailed quarterly report. Additionally, you can contact our office at your convenience to speak with our fund managers when you have a question or concern.

Expertise in the Markets

Incrementum Equity prides itself by having the resources to identify, analyze and manage our funds. We also know that being resourceful is the key to continued growth and your satisfaction. We continually build our team. We seek out advisors to ensure that we stay abreast of the changing market conditions to help us accurately forecast future trends.

Relationships Matter

We know that our success is determined by our relationships in the local market and with our investors. Our long-term relationship with you, the investor, will be the legacy of our company. But we are also keenly aware that our responsibilities do not stop at our office doors. Therefore, we are also personally dedicated to participating in our community through non-profit and other charitable organizations.

Agile for Change

Incrementum Equity is built for change by remaining agile and flexible in our investment philosophy. Our success has taught us to leverage opportunity in today’s fast-moving markets so that we don’t become a statistic.


Investors Come First

The foundation of our corporate mission is to put you, our investor, first. You will see how this commitment is reflected in every aspect of our services. You will see it in our analysis of the investment decisions we will offer for your consideration. In the courtesy, you will receive personal responses to your questions or concerns.


Incrementum Equity

Our team was assembled solely to provide the best investment experience and results to investors. Learn more about each member of our great team. Our success has taught us to leverage opportunity in today’s fast-moving markets so that we don’t become a statistic.



Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains
gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble.


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